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Our unique strategic partnership gives you the strength of more than fifty years of combined industry experience.

Led by respected horticulturalists and rope access pioneers, we are passionate about greening our urban spaces, bringing our cities to life at new levels.

Our Services

Creating and maintaining beautiful living infrastructures

Sky Gardens Group is focused on bringing life to the urban landscape through installing and maintaining living infrastructures across our cities.

Specialised skills are required to install and maintain healthy, verdant landscapes at heights, in an urban environment. No urban landscape is too difficult for our team to access.

A team of passionate horticulturists, landscapers and certified rope access technicians, make up the team at Sky Gardens Group.

  • Design

    Landscape design at its best, getting the most from your open spaces. We know how to design vibrant, functional, and inviting spaces in an urban setting.

  • Construct

    SGG has the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver iconic projects from initial concept to final construction.

  • Maintain

    Experienced horticulturalist, combined with specialist rope access qualifications means the unique climates of vertical gardens are maintained to the highest standard.

  • Remediation

    Vertical gardens are complex biomes, and a steady and consistent maintenance schedule is essential for lush vertical environments. If your maintenance schedule or green walls needs a re-work, contact us.

  • Unrivalled Access

    Rope access is key to the success of the iconic landscapes that we install and maintain. All of our technicians are stringently trained to SPRAT guidelines, internationally recognized, rope access certification body, to enhance and build on their rope access proficiency.

  • Greenwall Experts

    Sky Gardens Group has the skill and talent to bring your vertical spaces to life. Our bespoke green wall system is designed and built for the Australian environment, creating lush environment. Read more here.

Sky Gardens Group

Sky Gardens Group

Sky Gardens Group formed as a response to the need for skilled horticulturists, with the access abilities of qualified rope technicians, to service the landscapes of one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings.

Individually, the teams excel in their given industries. Together the combined horticultural knowledge, maintenance experience, years working on large and multifaceted projects, along with the ability to move quickly and safely across large sites at height, means Sky Gardens Group is able to deliver a responsive and dedicated approach to landscaping at heights.

What others say about us

“We have engaged Sky Gardens Group to maintain the upkeep of Central Park’s gardens back in September 2021. Central Park consists of vertical gardens, multilevel garden beds and complex irrigation/fertigation systems. This is a large contract that came with complex problems that preceded their arrival onsite. Sky Garden Group has come into their time on-site with great ideas and solutions to repair the issues they inherited and have been decisive and proactive in implementing long-term solutions. Their presence on site has been greatly noticed and appreciated by the site’s residents and other stakeholders. As building managers, we have found Sky Gardens Group to be friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have been a breath of fresh air onsite. I would highly recommend Sky Gardens Group.”

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